We love our shirts, but we love our earth and the people in it even more. We are always evolving and looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and be better for the future.


We’ve taken a timeless classic and put a fresh spin on it so you can wear it more ways in more places. By shifting the focus from temporary trends and the mindset that “more is more”, we encourage buying more responsibly and wearing less, more consciously. While we are not perfect, we are eager to learn and explore new ideas to accelerate responsible change in our business.


Did you know that the average person disposes around 170 kg of fashion packaging waste per year? We've taken a stand to cut the crap and eliminate all plastic and unnecessary waste in our production and packaging process. Your shirt comes folded and packed in a reusable mesh laundry bag. Did you know that washing your garments in a laundry bag can reduce micro-waste up to 80% per wash? And- it helps prolong the life of your garment so you can get even more use out of it, for longer. It also ships in a biodegradable mailer bag. All paper in our packaging and tags is uncoated and fully recyclable, so we don't waste any of our valuable resources to get our pieces in your hands.


As activists for the future we want to build, we want to make a difference when it comes to the way fashion is produced. We aim to only produce quality products and order in low volumes to eliminate waste. Our clothes are made in factories that pass a personal audit by our team and pay fair wages and safe, clean working conditions for our valued workers. 


We are committed to protecting our environment. Our brand is founded on our connection and access to the beauty of nature. To play our part in keeping it beautiful, we donate 1% of our total annual sales to charities dedicated to cleaning up and restoring our oceans and beaches so that generations beyond us can enjoy the places we love so much.

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Your garment comes packed in a reusable laundry and travel bag– use it! Washing your clothes in a micro-mesh bag helps reduce microfibre waste that can get into the water system. It also prolongs the life of your garment, which means you can wear your pieces longer and buy less. 
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Wash on gentle with like colours in cold water. This helps to save energy, which is good for your electricity bill and the planet. No toxic dry cleaning or bleaching necessary.
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After washing, hang to dry straight. We like to use thicker or wooden hangers to reduce any pulls in our amazing fabric. Our fabric is naturally wrinkle-resistant, but sometimes creases happen. If that’s the case, just spot iron on low heat as needed. 
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Take care! The better you treat your garment, the longer it will work for you. By shifting the focus from temporary trends and the disposable fashion mindset, we encourage buying more responsibly and wearing less, more consciously.