We're Launching! Coming August 2020

We've been hard at work creating the perfect performance shirt for modern men in the real world. We've scoured the runways for the perfect design, been buried knee deep in fabrics to find the most comfortable, moisture-wicking materials and put our blood sweat and tears (literally) into testing our pieces to bring you the perfect shirt that does it all. 

Well, we've done it, not once but twice. In August 2020, we're launching the start of two wardrobe-shattering lines– the No Sweat Shirt, a formal line for fancier occasions without the fuss, and the Take It Breezy Shirt, a day-to-day casual line to replace your airy, linen tops.

And we aren't stopping here. Follow along for exciting upcoming launches, join the conversation on social media to have a voice in upcoming designs and tell us what you want. Follow us at @tropick on Instagram and Facebook and join our mailing list by subscribing below. We cant wait for you to join our movement and #tropicklikeitshot. 


Team Tropick